New Opal Additions

yowah nut australian mini boulder opal
Yowah Nut Opal

Here you will find the latest additions of Yowah Koroit boulder & Australian opals, opal beads sterling silver opal pendants and jewellery as well as other types of opals for sale. All our opals are natural solids, there are no doublets or triplets.



Yowah Opal Single Stud Earrings

A selection of Yowah Opals with Stg Silver Posts. Price is for single stud only.

Yowah Conglomerate Opal Specimens

A pair of conglomerate specimens.
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    Yowah Conglomerate Specimens

    A slab of conglomerate sliced in half.
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    Yowah Conglomerate Slab Specimen

    Nice patterns in this slab of conglomerate. - YC0002
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    Opalised wood opal

    Blue green opal has replaced the wood
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    Yowah Opal Charm

    Sterling Silver and Opal Charm
    48Z 3
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    Yowah Opal Charm

    Beautiful Matrix Opal set in Sterling Silver with Ring Bail
    16D 8
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    Yowah Conglomerate Opal Stg Silver Pendant

    Blue Purple opal in the Yowah Nuts - 45Z 5

    45Z 5
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    Yowah Nut Opal Sterling Silver Hook Earrings

    Yowah Opals set in .925 silver - YO0003
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    Conglomerate Opal Pendant

    Purple blue opal in the Yowah Nuts. - 45Z 4

    45Z 4
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    Yowah Nut Sterling Silver Opal Studs

    A lovely little Yowah Nut sliced in half and set in Stg Silver
    39Z 9
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    Koroit conglomerate Opal Specimen

    Lots of little nuts imbedded in the sandstone. - KO0001
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    Yowah Nut Opal Stg Silver Hook Earrings

    .925 Sterling Silver Yowah Opal Settings -  48Z12
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    Yowah Matrix Opal Hook Earrings Stg Silver

    Yowah Matrix Opals hook earrings in .925 silver
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    3 Opal Pendant

    3 beautiful opals set in Stg Silver
    23D 4
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    Koroit Opal Stg Silvere Pendant

    Beautiful potch and opal patterns in this Koroit Opal Pendant
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    Beautiful Boulder Opal

    Rich blues and greeens with a touch of pink.
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    Picture Matrix Opal Pendant

    Picture Opal Set in Sterling silver
    48Z 8
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    Matrix Opal Sterling Silver Ring

    Lots of green and gold sparkle.
    34B 9
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    Boulder Opal Pendant in Sterling Silver

    Nicely patterned Queensland boulder opal set in sterling silver.
    39z 13
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    Double Opal Sterling Silver Pendant

    Opalised wood Sterling Silver Pendant.
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    Opalised Wood Opal Stg Silver Pendant

    Like looking into a beautiful pool of water.
    86A 6
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