Boulder Opal Sterling Silver Opal Pendant
Opal & .925 pendant

Opal Pendants

Sterling Silver Opal Pendants

Yowah Koroit Boulder and Australian opals set in Sterling silver.

Koroit Picture Opal Stg Silver Pendant

Koroit Picture Opal Stg Silver Pendant
Koroit opal sterling silver bezel pendant.

Interesting potch and dark ironstone patterns with a patch of red sparkles is the feature stone in this Stg Silver pendant.  Red sparkles catch your eye when it is moved around.  Opal measures approx 19mm x 20mm. Tube bail will take a 2mm chain.

Boulder Opal Sterling Silver Charm

Fits European type chain.
A really pretty dainty piece which can be worn on European style charm bracelet, or as a pendant. Flashes of red green and blue over white potch and ironstone. Actual charm measures approx 15mm x 13mm x 4.5mm including the sterling silver setting, but not the ring. Inside meausrement of ring is 5mm.

Purple Matrix Boulder Opal & Stg Silver Pendant

Purple Matrix Boulder Opal & Stg Silver Pendant
Flashes of vivid purple opal dance around this stone as it is moved.
A lovely large chunky piece of Queensland boulder opal with purple opal bezel set in sterling silver. Measures approx (including bezel setting, excluding bail) 38.5mm x 35mm.

Long Matrix Opal Stg Silver Pendant

Sparkling Yowah Nut Opal Pendant
Sparkling green and purple Yowah Nut boulder opal sterling silver pendant.
Lots of sparkling green and purple opal in nicely patterned dark ironstone Yowah Nut, bezel set in sterling silver, a lovely long elegant shape. More sparkle than shows in photos. Opal measures approx 50mm x 12mm. Total length of pendant including bail is 64mm x 14mm. Hole for bail is approx 6mm

Yowah Nut Opal Stg Silver Pendant

Lovely patterns in this piece of Yowah Nut
Red and green sparkling opal and potch patterns in rich brown ironstone bezel set in sterling silver. Opal measures approx 21.5mm x 12.5mm x 3.5mm.  Including setting and bail pendant measures approx 32mm x 14mm

Opalised Wood Stg Silver Pendant

Opalised Wood Opal Stg Silver Pendant

Sterling silver Pendant with opal wood

A lovely piece of opalised wood with blue green and pink sparkles with tab/claw type setting and flat stg silver back.  Opal measures approx 22mm x 16mm x 3mm. Total length of pendant including bail is 41mm. Hole for bail is 6mm

Yowah Matrix Opal Stg Silver Pendant

Yowah Opal 925 Pendant
Flashing Yowah matrix opal sterling silver pendant.

Flashes of green blue purple and red opal glint in the sunlight when the opal is moved, very pretty in a sterling silver bezel photo frame setting. opal measures approx 29mm along longest side. Pendant including swing bail measures approx 51.5mm x 33mm

Koroit Opal and Sterling Silver Pendant sold

Blue green opal in dark ironstone

Quite a stunning piece with the dark ironstone and blue green opal bezel set in sterling silver. Pendant measures approx approx 42mm x 18mm including setting and bail

Yowah Nut Boulder Opal Sterling Silver Pendant

Beautiful patterns in this dainty pendant
Multicoloured potch and ironstone with blue green opal highlight, bezel set in sterling silver. Measures approx 35mm x 12mm x 5mm including bail and sterling silver setting.

Sterling Silver Koroit Nut Slice Opal Pendant

Potch and sparkling opal patterns in ironstone.
This is a beautiful piece with green opal sparkles and potch patterns in dark ironstone set claw set in sterling silver. Opal measures approx 35mm x 21mm x 3mm. Total length and width of pendant including setting and bail is approx 36mm x 24.5mm

Opalised Wood in Boulder Stg Silver Pendant

Multitoned brown Koroit Boulder with blue green opalised wood fossil.
The blue green opal really stands out in this piece of Koroit Boulder Opal. Amazing the way the wood is replaced with opal. Opal measures approx 22mm x 16mm. Pendant including bail and sterling silver setting measures approx 34mm x 18mm

Sterling Silver Yowah Nut Opal Pendant

Stg Silver Opal Pendant
Unusual Yowah Nut Opal Pendant
I love this pendant with it's "eye" of ironstone surrounded by potch and more ironstone and very fine sparkles of opal. It is quite unusual, and set off beautifully with the sterling silver setting. Loop at the back would take take up to approx a 3mm chain. Opal measures approx 22.5mm x 14mm. Total measurement of pendant is 51mm x 24.5mm including silver setting.

Picture Opal Stg Silver Pendant

A beautiful piece of Koroit Picture Opal
The more you look at this piece, the more you see in the intricate patterns of ironstone potch and opal.  A truly unique piece. Pendant measures approx 53mm x 22mm including bail and setting.

Yowah Conglomerate Opal Pendant

Set in Sterling Silver
Lovely Yowah Nuts with purple opal imbedded in sandstone. A beautiful unusual piece. Measures approx 50mm x 22mm x 8mm including bail and sterling silver setting

Koroit Opals and Stg Silver Pendant

Five nicely patterned Koroit Opals bezel set in Sterling Silver
A very pretty combination with lots of sparkle and pattern. the largest opal measures approx 17mm x 7mm.  Measurement of pendant including bail and settings is 47mm x 24.5mm

Yowah Picture Opal in Stg Silver Pendant

Stg Silver Yowah Picture Opal Pendant
Desert scene yowah opal and sterling silver pendant.
Lovely Outback Australia desert scene colours with lots of sparkling green blue and gold. Bezel set in shiny Sterling silver with closed in back. Hole through the sides accomodates chain or cord, hole size nearly 4mm (chain not included).  Opal measures approx 31mm x 16mm at longest and widest. Total measurements of pendant is 44mm x 28.5mm at longest and widest.

Boulder Opal 925 silver Pendant

Three beautiful Queensland boulder opals set in Sterling silver
Three lovely Queensland boulder opal solids, bezel set in sterling silver.  Total length of pendant is 43mm  and 20mm at widest. Opal at bottom measures approx 18.5mm x 9mm

Koroit Picture Pattern Opal Pendant

Nicely patterned multicoloured ironstone and opal
Delicate sparkling patterns of blue and green opal in this lovely piece of Koroit matrix opal. Pendant measures approx 41mm x 21mm at widest including bail and setting.

Koroit Opal Sterling Silver Pendant

Koroit 925 silver Pendant
Unusual Sterling Silver setting for Koroit Picture Opal
Lovely patterns of potch and fine sparkling green opal in dark ironstone bezel set in picture frame sterling silver setting with hinged bail.  A truly lovely pendant.  Opal measures approx 32mm x 12mm. Total length of pendant including hinged bail is 57mm x 21mm x 10mm high.

Koroit Matrix Opal Sterling Silver Pendant

Pretty potch patterns with pink and green highlights in dark ironstone.
This lovely piece of Koroit opal is bezel set in a sterling silver setting. The wide band around the opal has textured and shiny areas. Measurement of opal is approximately 30mm x 29mm. Total measurement of the pendant including bail is 48mm x 28mm . The smallest inside measurement of the bail diameter is approx 5mm