Yowah Opalised Wood
Wood Opal Fossil Opalised Wood

Opalised Wood Opals

Wood that has been opalized or replaced with opal


Opalised Wood Sterling Silver Ring

Stunning Opal Wood Replacement
Bezel set in Sterling Silver this beautiful piece of crystal opalised wood has a look through, look down into it's depths appearance. Opal measures 11mm x 9mm. Inside diameter of ring is nearly 17mm. Approx size US 6.

Crystal Opal Wood Replacement Opal Ring

A beautiful opal bezel set in Sterling Silver
Opal wood replacement with mauve blue green sheen which deepens when placed on your finger. This is a really beautiful piece. Opal measures approx 16mm x 10.5mm. Inside measurement of band measures approx 19mm.

Opalised Wood Opal

Lovely clear blue green opal with flashes of green and blue.
This is a beautiful piece of opalised wood with flashes of blue and green. Softly undulating surface to follow the opal.  Measures approx 72mm x 27mm x 8mm at thickest.