Yowah Opalised Wood
Wood Opal Fossil Opalised Wood

Opalised Wood Opals

Wood that has been opalized or replaced with opal


Yowah Opalised Wood Replacement

Opalised Wood Replacement
Pretty opal flashes in Opalised Wood

Nice flashes of green pink and gold/orange when moved. Good polish. Measures 20mm x 12mm x 3mm

Koroit Boulder with Opalised Wood

Opalised Wood
Twigs imbedded in boulder opal.
Another lovely piece of Koroit boulder opal with sparkling green blue opalised wood imbedded in the nicely patterned multicoloured ironstone.  Measures 58mm x 45mm x 7mm

Opalised wood twigs in boulder opal

Double sided Koroit boulder opal
This piece of boulder is quite stunning with its multicoloured ironstone patterns and the blue and green pieces of opalised wood embedded in the ironstone.  A stunning example of Mother Nature at her best.  Measures approx 70mm x 44.5mm x 6.5mm

Koroit Boulder Opal with Opalised Twigs

Stunning Patterns of Multicoloured ironstone and opal
Little twigs have opalised in the boulder.  This opal is quite stunning with its striking patterns.  Looks like someone has has drawn all over it with black permanent marker outlining the lovely green blue and purple opal.  A nice large piece at 53mm x 32mm x 5mm.  Would make a beautiful centerpiece for a buckle or a great statement piece in a pendant.

Opalised Wood Stg Silver Pendant

Opalised Wood Opal Stg Silver Pendant

Sterling silver Pendant with opal wood

A lovely piece of opalised wood with blue green and pink sparkles with tab/claw type setting and flat stg silver back.  Opal measures approx 22mm x 16mm x 3mm. Total length of pendant including bail is 41mm. Hole for bail is 6mm